19 June 2011

Karen Knorr

Karen Knorr, famous photographer:
In her series Fables (2004-2008) photographs mixes analogue
and digital photography playfully reconfiguring tales
(Ovid, Aesop La Fontaine) with popular culture
 (Disney and Attenborough) in museums and heritage sites
 which include Carnavalet Museum, the Museum of Hunt and Nature in Paris,
Chambord Castle and the Conde Museum in Chantilly Castle.

The Queens room, Zanana, Udaipur, City Palace.
The visuality of these photographs is rich with reference to the baroque.

Samode, Zanana corridor.
Since her life changing journey to Rajasthan, India in 2008,
Karen Knorr’s work is now exploring Rajput and Mughal cultural heritage
 and its relationship to questions of feminine subjectivity and animality.

Chantilly, the grand monkey room.
India Song, a series of carefully crafted photographs
explores the past and its relation to India’s contemporary
heritage sites across Rajasthan.

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