20 October 2012

Dutch Design Awards 2012

Some finalists
The CMYK Dennis Parren lamp emits a tree of light interrupted by iron.
This causes a separation between the colours Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (black). 

The selection committee:
An exciting interplay of lines that has an educational function with
 respect to the action of light. It is also a highly aesthetic object

Project Hotel The Exchange, Stock and Options! 
is a hotel with rooms dressed like models, 
a restaurant serving Breakfast all Day (Stock) 
and a Contemporary department store (Options!). 
For this transformation, cooperation was sought 
with students from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute.

The selection committee:

The hotel interior breaks with traditional interior design principles. 
The collaboration with fashion students has led to a 
completely new perspective on interior design.
 The project has benefited greatly from the interdisciplinary way of thinking, 
evoking the idea of a new kind of designer attitude: 
the directing designer. 
Designers Ina Meijer and Matthijs van Cruijsen allow the experiment 
an extraordinary amount of space. 
They put out the lines within which the students are free to take the freedom they need. 
The project is locally relevant, as it contributes to a positive perception of the environment (Damrak).

Aleksandra Graca Textile Design:
series of sound-absorbing fabric
with a woven 3D structure contributes to a more subdued atmosphere.

The selection committee: In the design, function, beauty and technology come together and professional skill is central.
The design challenges us to think differently about the added value of textiles in contemporary interiors.
Scholten & Baijings have developed tableware for 1616 / Arita Japan,
 one of the oldest porcelain manufacturers from Japan.
Colour and shape play an important role in the different table objects. 

The selection committee:

The designer duo has succeeded in applying a recognisable colour palette
based on a thorough colour analysis of historical, Japanese masterpieces,
in a refreshing way.
The tableware has a beautiful formal language.
Surprising choices have been made with respect to the forms,
 imbuing them with a kind of naturalness.

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