03 November 2012

Lovely Livingrooms

LivingEtc Paul Massey

Max Kim Bee

William Waldron

Elle Espagna

Hotel Hanne, Italy

Formentera Jordi Canosa

Sarah Hogan


Unknown said...

Hi, I'm looking at the "Lovely Livingrooms" post where there is a picture by Max Kim Bee and love the ottoman. Any idea where the picture came from? I would like to find an ottoman just like that and am wondering if you have any information about it. Thanks.

LIA Leuk Interieur Advies said...

Hi Julia,

I know that the interior designer is Windsor Smith, and it was designed for Veranda Showhouse called "The House of Winsor". Maybe you can ask her? This is her twitter: https://twitter.com/Windsor_Smith.
Success! Let me know if you're succeeded. Lia